About Q4 Manufacturing Solutions

At Q4 Manufacturing Solutions, our journey began with a passion for precision engineering passed down through generations. Founded by Tom and Wendy Watkins, we’ve been crafting machined components for various industries since our inception.

Our Story

Tom Watkins, with a lifelong fascination for machining, transitioned from sweeping floors to running a CNC milling department by the age of 21. Driven by a desire to create, he pursued an engineering degree and gained valuable experience in the aerospace industry. Eventually, the call of his hometown brought him back to the Mahoning Valley, where he saw an opportunity to establish his own business.

In 2009, Tom purchased the assets of a defunct plastic mold manufacturer, marking the birth of Q4 Manufacturing Solutions. Over the years, we’ve evolved, now operating eleven CNC milling and turning machines, delivering precision parts to a diverse clientele.

Our Focus

While we appreciate engineering and design, our core focus is on production. We take pride in being contract manufacturers, specializing in crafting precision parts. Our success hinges on building enduring relationships with our clients and deeply understanding their needs.

Our Market

We primarily serve local fabricators, manufacturers, and materials handling companies, including the production of large overhead cranes. Our dedication to quality and precision has made us a strong presence in these markets.

The Future

As our team gains experience and expertise, Tom’s vision is to expand our reach beyond our current locality. This transition presents challenges, but we’re excited about the journey ahead.

One challenge shared by our industry is nurturing young talent in the machine trades. While trade schools provide an excellent foundation, true proficiency comes from on-the-job experience. We believe in investing in the development of the next generation of machinists.

Innovation and Growth

We embrace CNC technology to produce high-volume, high-precision parts with utmost accuracy and efficiency. This technology enables us to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.

We’re actively working to accelerate sales outside our immediate area. Additionally, we plan to implement cutting-edge automated systems to further enhance our production capabilities.

At Q4 Manufacturing Solutions, we are committed to precision, excellence, and continuous growth. Join us on our journey as we shape the future of machining.